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Manufacturer Overview

Dalynn Media and Reagents

Plated Media

Dalynn offers over 200 different types of agar mediums for your bacterial culture needs. We can also prepare custom formulations to your specifications. All our products are quality controlled with sterility and performance checks performed on every lot of media. We're a small company meeting your media needs needs in a large way.

Tubed Media

We offer a range of tubed media including PRAS (Pre-Reduced Anaerobically Sterilized) media for the cultivation, enrichment and maintenance of your bacterial cultures. Dalynn has over 15 years experience producing quality culture media and our commitment to our customers is second to none.

Disks & Reagents

We also offer a full line of diagnostic disks and reagents used in the identification and characterization of different bacterial species. We offer a number of rapid tests including LAP and PYR test kits as well as a variety of susceptibility disks (colistin, kanamycin, vancomycin, and bile disks) used in the preliminary identification of anaerobes.

Supplements & Enrichments

The highest quality components are used to prepare our media supplements. We offer our supplements in both liquid and lyophilized form. The lyophilized supplements are stabilized and vacuum sealed thereby providing a lengthy shelf life and allowing for worldwide transport.

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