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Autoclave Tape and OdormycinTM Autoclave Deodorant

Autoclave Tape

  • A proven method of positively confirming a completed sterilization cycle in both gravity discharge and vacuum autoclaves.
  • White indicator lines change to black when proper levels of moisture and temperature have been achieved.
  • The unique printed lines cannot be rubbed on and will not contaminate surgical instruments or dressings.
  • Made of a saturated crepe paper printed with white indicator lines that turn to black once autoclave process is completed.
  • Each roll individually wrapped.

OdormycinTM Autoclave Deodorant

  • Pleasant subtle fragrance dispels foul autoclave odour
  • Highly concentrated liquid in tidy gelatin capsule
  • Perfect when autoclaving clinical waste or lab media
  • Capsule dissolves under steam pressure



Autoclave Tape

Autoclave Tape
Odormycin Autoclave Deodorant


Item Code   Product Quantity Per Unit
Autoclave Tape

Autoclave Tape, 18mm x 55mm (approx. 3/4" x 60 yards)

48 Rolls / Case

Autoclave Tape, 24mm x 55mm (approx. 1" x 60 yards)

36 Rolls / Case
OdormycinTM Autoclave Deodorant

Autoclave Deodorant OdormycinTM Heather Fragrance

100 Gel Caps / Jar

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